Introducing…..Fearless Vampire Killers

Fearless Vampire Killers have been taking the UK by storm with their theatrical shows. They were announced in Kerrang as one of the top ten new unsigned bands at the minute. So we though it’s about time we introduce you to the Danny Elfman loving undead bashers……

L-R: Cyrus Barrone, Kier Kemp, Former drummer (was replaced with Luke Illingworth), Laurence Beveridge, Drew Woolnough

How did the Fearless Vampire Killers end up together?
Laurence: Digging holes in fields in the Waveney valley listening to Pop-Punk and discovering that there was more to life than Bernard Matthews and a GNVQ in plumbing at Lowestoft college. We’ve all been best friends since we were kids, but we were originally actually two halves. Drew and I were in a weird Weezer/Kinks/Muse band called Self-Titled and Kier and Shane were in a Punk-Rock band called Korze 4 Koncern, (being from East Anglia they couldn’t spell.) After playing anywhere that would have us for two years, I joined K 4 K when their guitarist left and we changed our name to Remember When. It was not long after that, that we moved to the big smoke to “make it” as it were. When we got there unfortunately, we hit a colossal rock bottom, lost Barrone and Luke F (our old drummer) and got seriously miserable. It took about a year of working crappy soul destroying jobs and trying out various Londoners that we realised we needed to go back to our roots. Drew was in London doing a degree in music at the time and so we asked him to play bass for us, and soon Barrone returned from the marshlands ready to shred. We were terrified of what was ahead of us, but we knew that together we could beat our fears and go from some kids straight outa Beccles Suffolk, into psychopathic, gothed up warriors of those what are trod upon. We realised that you can’t hide from the vampires forever; one day you’ve got to kill them, and so that’s what we’re gonna be. Fearless Vampire Killers.

You describe yourself as death pop, what does death pop consist of?
Kier: If you want the honest truth it started as a bit of a joke! People would always ask us “What genre are you??” and we’d be like “ummm… kind of Punk, metal, pop, goth, post-hardcore mash up??” which is hard to say let alone understand! So one day during one of our many email convosations someone put out Death pop (probably trying to make us laugh) and we decided “hey why not! stick it in the press release!!”

Where does your music draw influence from? There are some amazingly flamboyant peaks.
Barrone: We draw influence from all over the shot, we should probably stop listening to some of the stuff we do! The most played on our itunes include The Beatles, Iron Maiden, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Muse and ashamedly a NOW43 compilation album. However I’d say communally the biggest contributor to our musical bucket would be Green Day. They’re the band that made us want to make our own music and they’re obviously the greatest band in the world!  Its not just bands and songs that taint our creativity though. We also draw a large influence from film scores, Danny Elfman being largely to blame for our musical wanderings.

You have a number of shows coming up, are there any in-particular you are looking forward to?
Drew: We look forward to whatever show we play really for us playing live is what it’s all about but there’re a few that do stand out. We’re playing with Shadows Chasing Ghosts at Chinnerys on 15 th of September and at The Barfly on the 29 th of September and those are both great places to play so we’re pretty excited to be playing there with those guys. Then we’ve got a couple of other tricks up our collective anti-vampiric sleeve but I don’t want to give too much away just yet until they’re all suited and booted.

What can we expect if we come to one of these shows?
Drew: We try to make the show as theatrical because we’ve always loved bands that really go that extra mile playing live like Muse or Flaming Lips – we could never be a band that just stands there with their heads down looking mean, moody and magnificent. I guess anyone who sees us should expect a hefty dose of thrashing, sweating, prancing, bleeding, dancing and all manner of musical rambunctiousness – wrap that in a delicious layer of feedback and vocal harmonies and in 30 minutes you’ve got yourself an FVK show. Essentially if we don’t feel like collapsing at the end of it we haven’t done our jobs right!

What are you plans for the rest of the year?
Luke: Write album, Practice album, Gig album!!

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